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OMG so I think they read 3 oclock gang because that kiss between Lacey and Whitney reminded me too much of the part in your story where Danny and Lacey just broke up and Rico kissed him. But of course they could never execute it like you!


I saw gifs on the Lacey and Whitney kiss…

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Hey, just waned to point out they did a screen test with Avan and Maddie as well as Avan and Kylie. So can't use that as evidence :(

Oh okay. I could’ve sworn I read somewhere when they first started that she had a chemistry read with Avan and then told Maddie they finally found their Danny…I could be mistaken so don’t mind me at all. Thanks for the heads up.

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Be honest with my Penny. Are you also on the canceltwisted mindset. I follow all your friends and they've compleltely given up. I haven't heard anything from you.

*ahem* (clears my throat) I haven’t even seen the episodes after like episode 13 or something. I just read of it’s downfall through everybody blogging. I’m at the point where I’m not eager to watch it, maybe on a very rainy day turn into it, but I also am a bit of an optimistic. Even though they’re trying all this BS, I wouldn’t be against a second season because I know Dacey is endgame, the show is called twisted and that’s why they had Kylie and Avan do a chemistry read instead of Maddie and Avan. That being said, if I was following the show like before, I’m not at all sure I’ll be here for Dacey, seeing as how Lacey is getting shit on every few seconds. I guess I’m sort of detached because I’m not watching first hand. But if the show is canceled, I would def see why. So my answer is, ignore everything else I just said. I don’t want to care but I think deep down I still care a little to hope that maybe the writing would blow my mind in season 2.

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Remember when someone told you that your monumental gif was kinda insignificant and to get back to her when it reaches 20k? Look at the number now. A little less than a hundred and it will be 20k ... Who was that anon? I just wish .. I want ... Those days back again. If only ... If only ...

I remember!! Wow those were the days

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Who's the guy on the Cambio gif adjusting his pants? He's cute but no motherfucker tags anything so I don't know who he is or what this is from :'( #please

It’s Avan Jogia

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Did you die? Did you abandon ship? Everybody's leaving not surprised.

Lol no I didn’t die. Nor did I abandon ship, I’ll always be here for Dacey. Yep I see everybody dropping the show, from what I’m reading on my dash though, I’m not at all surprised as to why.

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I wish I was watching the 3 oclock gang instead of this BS, they call twisted every tuesday nights.

Oh you guys are too sweet! I haven’t seen the latest episodes yet.

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I miss 3 ocllock gang are you writing anymore stories?

No I’m not writing anymore right now at least. Maybe one day in the future!

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Where are you?

I’m here! I know I’ve been M.I.A, don’t know if I’ll be able to manage this side blog like before tho.

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Are you still going to write Twisted fanfics? Please say yes, I absolutely love your stories and with the writers of the show destroying Danny and Lacey's characterization ep by ep, I'm not going to be able to see it to the end without some good writing to wash away the horrible taste the new writers are most likely going to leave. As far as I'm concerned The 3 O' clock gang is the REAL Twisted( I absolutely loved it!). The show is a horribly written fanfiction.

Lol thanks! I don’t know, I need something to motivate me to do so because nothing seems the same and I admit I have high hopes, and I’m still praying that future episodes will inspire me. THat being said, I’m too put off to go in the dacey tag, it’s hell in there. Not with people speaking their mind or refusing to watch but with this new tumblr thing having any mention of a specific ship in the post automatically tags that shit. It’s messy and it’s destroying the fun out of things. So nothing is really compelling me to write



Kylie Bunbury at Abercrombie & Fitch "The Making of a Star" Spring Campaign Party


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What exactly happened to make Twisted go from good to bad?



In 1A, there was a decent amount of character representation. Sure, we got a lot of Jo. But we also got a decent amount of scenes between Lacey and her friends, and Danny with Karen (as well as Rico and Jo, respectively). Danny and Lacey’s interactions weren’t always about Jo, and they actually had at least one scene without Jo per episode. Lacey still had one foot in the trio and one foot out. By the time 1B came around, the focus on Jo increased EXPONENTIALLY (even people who aren’t avid fans are like “Look, you’re doing too much”.), we rarely see Danny interact with anyone other than Jo, and even when Jo isn’t around, the conversation is still about Jo. Lacey still has one foot in the trio and one foot out, only this time, it’s not her choice and the other foot is kinda hanging in thin air. The drama surrounding the adults is taking up far too much screen time, while the drama around the teens is weak and cliché at best. Far too many issues from 1A have gone unresolved (is Jo never going to apologize for what she did? What happened to Tyler, Phoebe, Sarita, Archie, Scott, Janna, etc.? Did they all just disappear?, How did Lacey’s family feel about the tape? Did Doug and Louise ever get in trouble for what they did? Did Danny and Lacey ever have a discussion about it? Why were we forced to sit through Jo crying about a sex scene with a character we’ll never see again, but we get no resolution about a storyline that affected 2/3 of the trio? Or is it not important because it had nothing to do with Jo?) While I do appreciate how much more we get to see in regards to police work and shit, that doesn’t make up for the fact that there are far too many things that are getting a large amount of focus when they shouldn’t. And by doing this, they’re sidelining characters and storylines that are far more significant and deserve to be discussed.

"Or is it not important because it had nothing to do with Jo?"


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what is going on with kylie lately. she confuses me to no avail. I just don't understand.

I have no idea. I’m not paying it any mind, I’m so blase about everything twisted related lately, nothing even fazes me anymore. Watching the next episode. *shrugs* sure why not?

"I’m past needing a man in my bed. I need a man in my head. Someone who can challenge my mind as well as feed my soul."

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